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“Let go and let God.” A scripturally sound concept that is often easier said than done. Often we find ourselves holding onto our problems, our sorrows and our hurts. We worry and agonize over them instead of letting God take them for us.  

Chuck Swindoll once said " Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it." There is a lot of truth to that statement and as Christians I would add it is 100% how we give it to God. 

We cannot change others. We cannot control others or the things that happen to us, but we can control how we react and how we let it go. Our broken human nature often seeks to  worry, but God clearly tells us not to do it. He wants us to embrace the truth that He WILL take care of our troubles, all we must do is be obedient and have faith while leaving them in His very capable hands. 

Let Go: Surrender and Let God Work is a retreat designed to help you "Let go and let God".


Join us September 24 -26. 2021 in the deep quiet of the Coteau du Missouri in our Hosmer, South Dakota sanctuary cottage and learn to let go!

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Small Retreats =
Big Impact

The retreats at Sanctuary Cottage in Hosmer, SD are small for two reasons: capacity and deeper connection. We chose Hosmer, SD for its quiet small town nature. A silent prayer retreat is only as effective as the silence it provides and Hosmer's remote location provides the perfect silence needed to retreat with God. The church bells at noon add to the connection you feel with the Father as you pray and be still in His presence.


We currently accept 4 retreatants at a time. This is to provide a space of connection and also space to retreat quietly with minimal distraction.  

In a world where there is not much time and space for reflection, prayer and contemplation, we invite you to retreat with us at Sanctuary Cottage.  Retreating at Sanctuary Cottage is a time to be silent and open to an encounter with God in the interior and exterior silence.  Here we protect and respect your quiet time with God.


The silence of retreat is a gift we give ourselves and others who are with us. The primary purpose of a silent prayer retreat is to foster an atmosphere that allows for personal encounter with God. 

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Retreat Leader
Jane Hanna Stoudt

Jane Hanna Stoudt is a Founding Yoga Therapist R-CYATH with the Christian Yoga Association. She attended Liberty University and studied Psychology, Religion and Christian Counseling. Her life long passion has always been to encourage women to seek and live in the grace of our Heavenly Father in all we do.​ Jane has worked with many women as a Christian Counselor, Spiritual Director and Life Coach. She has also followed her calling as an author and soul work facilitator specializing in retreats for healing, creativity and spiritual growth. She is a member and is certified by the AACC. She is also an advocate of therapeutic art and believes, in its contemplative state, art can bring healing and a closer relationship with Christ through Visio Divina and therapeutic creating. 

Jane is currently in process of becoming a Benedictine Oblate through Sacred Heart Monastery. She focuses on contemplative prayer and lectio divina in her daily life and has a passion of sharing it with others. 



I really enjoyed the time I spent working with Jane. She really listened to me and loved me exactly where I was. I felt so comfortable working with her, sharing hard things with her, and having her support me. She's very encouraging and a beautiful person.  

Rachel C.

Jane is a ambassador and an artist for the Lord in every sense of the word. She runs after Him and seeks to be like Him. Jane offers all of herself, like our Father - she loves the lost, like our Father - and she creates the most beautiful pieces, just like our Father.                                                                                                  

Kelly C.

Inspirational, compassionate and above all genuine. Everything Jane does is rooted in these things. It bleeds into everything around her.

Bobbie Jo K.

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Retreat Cost

The Let Go Retreat is a two part retreat: online and in person silent immersion.

You can choose to register to participate online only or register online and for one of the 4 open spaces in person silent retreat at the Sanctuary Cottage in Hosmer, SD

Online begins September 1, 2021 and ends September 22, 2021. This portion of the retreat involves weekly online meetings and one-on-one direction by Jane Hanna Stoudt.  Online spots are not limited.


ONLINE ONLY COST  --            $325

Online + In Person Retreat begins online September 1, 2021 and ends September 26, 2021. The online portion is the same in both retreats. The in person portion of this retreat is all inclusive to include transportation to/from the airport in Aberdeen, SD, all food for the retreat, and a room shared with one other person or a purchase of both beds for a more private retreat. 





Morning Coffee

What to Expect

Weekend retreats run Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. The silence begins Friday night after dinner when the leader opens the retreat and introduces the theme.  The leader offers  meditations with morning and evening meals and prayers on Saturday. Mid-Saturday silence is broken for lunch and is open for 2 hours to allow for discussion and direction. The silence then continues  until late-morning Sunday with a time of sharing and worship, followed by lunch and departure.

Dinner on Friday at 6 pm is the first official gathering. You must be available for transport no later than 4 pm on Friday at the Aberdeen, SD airport.  The retreat will end by 1 pm on Sunday and you will be back to the airport by 3 pm Sunday to travel home.

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